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Practice Areas: Employment Law, Personal Injury Law

The law firm of Rizio Lipinsky provides California their award-winning legal services in the practice areas of Employment and Personal Injury law. It was founded by two of the top trial lawyers in the state. They have the passion, resources, and experience to handle the most challenging cases.

Rizio Lipinsky has used its decades of experience to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients. This track record of record-breaking verdicts clearly demonstrates the firm’s commitment to achieving the best results.

Nobody thinks it could happen to them, but any person could become the victim of an emotional or physical injury while they are at work. You could make a workers’ compensation claim to receive compensation for your injuries and move on with your life. Unfortunately, if you do this and wish to get the compensation you deserve, the results will disappoint you.

No amount of reading or research will make up for the training and experience of a qualified legal professional. The law firm of Rizio Lipinsky has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get justice. As one of California’s only statewide employee law firms, Rizio Lipinsky aggressively advocates for their clients who are victims of matters such as:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Whistleblower matters
  • Workplace Discrimination due to Age, Disability, Race or Sexual Orientation
  • Workplace Retaliation
  • Wrongful termination

The results of cases their cases rank the firm in the top 1% of lawyers across the nation and include:

  • A $6.5 million settlement was awarded to a San Bernardino manufacturing firm staff due to sexual harassment and invasion of privacy when a surveillance device was discovered in the bathroom.
  • A $3.9 million settlement was awarded to the family of a utility worker. Their loved one was electrocuted and killed at work due to faulty and dangerous conditions.
  • A $3 million settlement was awarded to two terminated employees for reporting an affair between their supervisor and another employee that resulted in favoritism.

The firm’s results for its clients have them ranked among the top 10 in U.S Verdicts by topverdict.com. Other awards and accolades include recognition by U.S News Best Lawyers / Best Law Firms, Super Lawyers, AVVO, and many other industry experts and peer-review publications.

We are confident in highly recommending Rizio Lipinsky for any employment law matter you are currently facing. They offer a free and confidential consultation which we encourage you to take advantage of at your earliest convenience.

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